A Contemporary Hillside Home In Skiathos, Greece

On the Greek island of Skiathos, architectural bureau Lydia Xynogala Projects built a modern home to fit perfectly with the sloping Mediterranean landscape. The house consists of three parallel adjoining rooms, all with their own outdoor terrace, allowing for a picturesque view of the sea.

The entrance sits on the highest level of the residence. Within a narrow corridor, a set of stairs lead down to the inside the building. On one side of the house there is a lounge, a large communal kitchen and a dining area. The other side offers two guest rooms, whereas the master bedroom is situated on the lowest level. Sliding glass doors connect different areas of the house. Through the use of glass in addition to the bright grey marble, the architect has created an intentional break in style, contrasting with the solid outer walls that are colored in earthy tones. Marble, rendered plaster and terrazzo tiles display Xynogala’s preference for building modern constructions with natural materials.

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