A House For An Artist

House for an Artist’ boasts a dual purpose, designed considering the aesthetic value of an artist studio and the functionality of a family home. Situated in Lisbon, the project has been designed by local architecture firm, Extrastudio.

A neutral color palette envelopes the entire home, with floors and ceilings crafted from exposed concrete. The simple aesthetic paired with the use of white as the dominant color positions the house as a blank canvas, inviting the artist to add their flair and color the home with their belongings. Unexpected elements of angled ceilings and abstract window placements add character to the minimal architecture. The consideration of light plays a key role in the design of this project, with a multitude of window shapes decorating the exterior, including a skylight in the artist studio which stretches the length of the ceiling. The outdoor pool reflects both onto the large glass door that flanks the ground floor living area and through the hidden window feature, beautifully illuminating the basement beneath.

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