A Look Behind-the-Scenes of Muuto’s Modern Scandinavian Design

When thinking about Copenhagen, images of pastel-colored streets, impeccably dressed people, and meticulously designed spaces come to mind. It’s here that Scandinavian design company Muuto has chosen to base its headquarters and where it partners with selected designers and producers across the region to create their signature minimalist look in a soft pastel palette.

Recently, we were invited by Muuto to celebrate their latest furniture collection ‘New Perspectives’ and visit the atelier of Danish industrial designer Thomas Bentzen to get a glimpse into the process of the new ‘Loft’ chair.

Upon arriving in Bentzen’s light-filled courtyard studio, he walked us through the different stages of the chair’s design. According to him, “the most difficult thing to design is a chair because it’s a classic.” The structure of the Loft chair features a soft curved wooden seat in combination with a sturdy steel frame. After having created numerous designs in collaboration with Muuto, Bentzen says that when working on a new item, he gets inspired by all the various projects on which they collaborated before. “I’ve never come up with an idea while going for a walk. It’s a lot of hard – but nice – work,” says Bentzen.

The ‘New Perspectives’ collection also features the Tip Lamp (by Jens Fager), the Platform tray (by Sam Hecht & Kim Colin), the Fiber bar stool (by Iskos Berlin) as well as the Outline sofa and chair (by Anderssen & Voll) in smaller sizes as requested by customers – all of them further contributing to Muuto’s mission of designing furniture and home accessories with “aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and an honest expression.”

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