A Subterranean Space Reimagined By Raul Sanchez Architects


In under 55 square meters, architecture studio Raul Sanchez Architects has reimagined a subterranean space in Barcelona as a minimal, light-filled home—Apartment Tibbaut’.

The interior of the space featured two octagonal stone pillars from which domes and vaults rise; the load-bearers of the upper floors. These imposing columns have become the centerpieces of the apartment. The client requested an open floor plan, but given the space restrictions and that the stone pillars are structurally integral to the building, the architects arranged a clever compromise. The space is separated into two living spaces through a series of overlapping partition walls. At the center of the apartment sits a common, multipurpose room. At its edge, a series of smaller rooms that house the study, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. The walls and floor have been painted white to reflect the limited light, and together with the light-wood partitions offer a calm and bright canvas for a home.


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