A Woodland Retreat In Québec

‘La Colombière’ marks the second renovation of what was originally a lumberjack’s storage space. The construction now sits as a forest refuge, preserved and transformed by Yiacouvakis Hamelin Architectes.

Located in a forest in Sutton, Québec, ‘La Colombière’ was renovated with sustainability in mind. Architects Loukas Yiacouvakis and Marie-Claude Hamelin took inspiration from the natural environment and ensured its preservation–no trees were cut in the process, the team avoided using heavy machinery and maintained the footprint of the original construction. The exterior presents a visual harmony with the“La Colombière was renovated with sustainability in mind” surrounding woodlands, covered in dark cedar wood and glass panel windows that reflect the tree canopies. This also enables a view inside the residence, which is painted all white and divided into two storeys. The downstairs living and dining area is open plan and leads out into the woodland through sliding glass doors, creating from the inside a green frame of lush vegetation. Upstairs presents an indoor terrace area and a window-seat perch to observe and admire the forest. Flooded with natural light and fresh air, ‘La Colombière’ is a modest 1300 sq.ft. house, offering an ideal woodland retreat that welcomes the natural surroundings.

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