All That Is By Toby Trueman

Inspired by observing the cycle of the natural world, a cycle that has existed for millenia, British photographer Toby Trueman presents ‘All That Is’ — long exposure portraits of a single section of beach.

Both a celebration of nature and a study of its permanence in the face of man’s existence, ‘All That Is’ comprises of 36 photographs captured from the exact same location, viewpoint, and elevation. The setting was chosen for its encompassing of the essential elements of Earth: land, sea, and sky. Toby explains the aim behind ‘All That Is’ was to, “examine emotions in how the world can be depicted with infinitely different and deliberate minimalism.” This was achieved through varying exposure times, Toby explains, “Varying exposures, ranging from 6 minutes to a fraction of a second, allows a breakdown of these elements even further; encouraging the emergence of colors and tones only possible through the passing, and capture, of time. Time itself shifts throughout the work, drawing the viewer into the present, an identifiable reality.” The relationship between mankind and the natural world is occasionally represented, depicting humanity through passing vessels, positioned as insignificant against the vast horizon. Yet, the final frame differs, with two souls approaching the water, representing, as Toby explains, “a recognition and celebration of our need for one another, even if only to allow us to appreciate the world in company.”

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