Ausstellungshaus By Matt Innauer Architekten

The temporary pavilion has been designed to exhibit Kaspar Greber’s product and its potential to visitors. The ‘Ausstellungshaus’ offers a sensorial experience: you not only see the material, you can touch and smell it. The contemporary wooden space is entered via round sliding door whose shape is echoed in the louver windows on each wall. The architecture firm has created a space that unites the origin of Kaspar Greber with a polished contemporary vision of building: “Our take on the region’s classic gable roof refers to the company’s core competence, house building.” In further emphasizing this connection to local tradition, the firm utilized high-quality craftsmanship in their construction of the space: wooden dowels remain visible to illustrate the stiction-based construction of the building. In addition to being presented at fairs and exhibitions as a showroom, the transportable space is also available for more personal events: weddings, dinners and more.

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