Badass Photographer Breaks 43 Weirdest Laws In America

In her “I Fought The Law” series, Olivia Locher has come up with a series of images that creatively poke fun at some of the more absurd laws in effect in the United States. Each photo is a tongue-in-cheek rebellion that intentionally violates some absurd U.S. State law, most of which are outdated or bizarrely specific.

Some of these laws are simply outdated historical laws, while other are total headscratchers. It’s hard to imagine why riding bikes in swimming pools is illegal in California or why wine can’t be served in teacups in Kansas. And it begs the questions – was people working out while driving such a big problem in Oregon that they had to outlaw it? Other laws, while weird, have historical context and are simply outdated. It’s illegal to carry an ice-cream cone in your back pocket in Alabama because this was an ingenious way for horse thieves to steal horses. They could lead away horses with the ice-cream without ever having to lay hands on them, thereby not technically stealing the horses until they were “lost.”

For more of this talented artist’s photography or more of this cheeky series, check out her website!

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#1 In Alabama, It Is Illegal To Have An Ice-Cream Cone In Your Back Pocket

#2 In Pennsylvania, It’s Illegal To Tie A Dollar Bill To A String And Pull It Away When Someone Tries To Pick It Up

#3 In Minnesota A Person May Not Cross State Lines With A Bird Atop His Head

#4 In Arizona, You May Not Have More Than Two Dildos In A House

#5 In Ohio, It’s Illegal To Disrobe In Front Of A Man’s Portrait

#6 In Nevada, It’s Illegal To Put An American Flag On A Bar Of Soap

#7 In Oklahoma It’s Illegal To Make Love With An Automobile

#8 In Connecticut, Pickles Must Bounce To Officially Be Considered Pickles

#9 In Utah, No One May Walk Down The Street Carrying A Paper Bag Containing A Violin

#10 In New Jersey A Person Can Be Arrested For Slurping Soup In Public

#11 In California, Nobody Is Allowed To Ride A Bicycle In A Swimming Pool

#12 In Indiana, It’s Illegal For A Man To Be Sexually Aroused In Public

#13 In Texas, It Is Illegal For Children To Have Unusual Haircuts

#14 In Michigan It’s Illegal To Paint Sparrows To Sell Them As Parakeets

#15 In Maine It’s Unlawful To Tickle Women Under The Chin With A Feather Duster

#16 In Maryland Hammering A Nail Into A Tree Is Punishable By A Fifty Dollar Fine

#17 In Kentucky, It’s Illegal To Lick A Toad

#18 In Virginia, Spitting On A Seagull Is Punishable By A Fine

#19 In Rhode Island, It Is Illegal To Wear Transparent Clothing

#20 In Hawaii Coins Are Not Allowed To Be Placed In One’s Ears

#21 In Kansas, It’s Illegal To Serve Wine In Teacups

#22 In Kentucky It’s Illegal To Paint Your Lawn Red

#23 In Arkansas It’s Illegal To Kill Or Preserve Any Living Creature Without A License

#24 In Washington, It’s Illegal To Paint Polka Dots On The American Flag

#25 In Missouri, It’s Illegal To Deface A Milk Carton

#26 In Nebraska, It’s Illegal For A Parent To Perm Their Child’s Hair Without A State License

#27 In Wisconsin It Is Illegal To Serve Apple Pie In Public Restaurants Without Cheese

#28 In Colorado, It’s Illegal To Have Weeds In Your Yard

#29 In South Dakota It’s Unlawful To Cause Static

#30 In Florida, A Person May Not Appear In Public Clothed In Liquid Latex

#31 In Louisiana, It’s Illegal To Gargle In Public

#32 Oregon: One May Not Test Their Physical Endurance While Driving A Car On The Highway

#33 In Wyoming, It’s Illegal For A Hairdresser To Groom One’s Pubic Hair

#34 In Delaware It Is Illegal To Wear Pants That Are “Form – Fitting” Around The Waist

#35 In Tennessee Hollow Logs May Not Be Sold

#36 In Vermont It Is Illegal To Use Colored Margarine In Restaurants Unless The Menu Indicates You Do

#37 In Delaware It’s Illegal To Serve Perfume As Liquor

#38 In New Mexico Defacing Rocks Is A Crime

#39 In Mississippi Sesame Street Was Once Banned From Pbs.

#40 In Alaska No Person May Drive A Vehicle When There Are Three People In The Front Seat

#41 In South Dakota It’s Unlawful To Cause Static

#42 In Hawaii Coins Are Not Permitted To Be Placed In One’s Ears

#43 In Massachusetts, Photographing Upskirt Photos Can Be Considered A Crime

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