Black Sun: Søren Solkær’s Captivating Record Of The Swirling Displays Of Starlings

Over the course of three years, Solkær photographed the birds as they moved from tree to tree, creating the illusion of a single black entity which changes shapes in an endless flux. From geometric to organic, from fluid to dramatic, the resulting visuals are Black Sun, a collection of fine images inspired by classical landscape painting, calligraphy, and Japanese woodblock prints—compelling in their uniqueness and meditative power. “The starlings move as one unified organism that vigorously opposes any outside threat,” explains the artist. “A strong visual expression is created, asserting itself against the sky. Shapes and black lines of condensation form within the swarm, resembling waves of interference or mathematical abstractions written across the horizon. This is the moment I have attempted to capture—a slice of eternity.” Black Sun is published by Edition Circle and is available for purchase here.

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