Bonsoir Paris Design Studio

Founded in 2010 by creative directors Rémy Clémente and Morgan Maccari, Bonsoir Paris is a creative studio working at the intersection of art, science, design and technology. Their approach stands out due to experimentation and cutting-edge innovation, working across spatial and object design, photography and filmmaking.

One of the company’s most recent collaborations was with French brand Lacoste for the 2016 Summer Olympics. For the brand’s Galeries Lafayette flagship in Paris the studio designed a fresh retail campaign to celebrate the patriotism and infectious collective spirit of the biennial games. To showcase the French team’s ceremonial attire, symbolic references to the rings of the Olympic Games logo run along the circular pattern of the hanging rails and decorative poles. Another current project this year was commissioned by Willo Perron & Associates on the scenic design of Rihanna’s opening performance for the MTV VMA Vanguard Award. The breathtaking installation is made of transparent inflatables, melted plastic, and pepto pink, making Rihanna’s extraordinary performance unforgettable. Further collaborations include Nike, Frame Magazine and Esquire Magazine, as well as many others.

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