Busan Times By Moon Hoon

“Although I am afraid that if I call it the owl, it will continue going by this nickname and it will be regarded within this context, I would nevertheless like to call it the owl.” 

This 116 square-meter house in Busan, South Korea closely resembles an owl with an exaggerated head and eyes looking to its side (or back). The South Korean architect, Moon Hoon, was commissioned to design a 3-story house for a client whom works in the security industry – making them have their own personal “lookout” through the “Owl’s” head at night time, also known as the child’s room’s windows. Hoon is sometimes commissioned for architectural projects based upon his paintings, colliding artistic worlds of purposeful and exaggeration, “Although I designed it imagining a child climbing down a pipe through the opening like a firefighter, I had to give it up as the client and their parents became concerned at the time of completion”.

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