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Drawing from moods as wild as scenes from Blade Runner and as poetic as the still life paintings of Giorgio Morandi, Madrid-based design firm Lucas y Hernández-Gil has created a space that is both industrial and warm: welcome to the newest restaurant in La Alameda, Casaplata.

From the unpolished concrete floors to the custom-designed pastel velvet furniture and Marcel Breuer chairs, contrasts between textures and colors abound in this Seville eatery and cocktail bar. With direction from the restaurateurs, Lucas y Hernández-Gil has created a space that is forward thinking and architecturally invigorating: the 100 square meter restaurant can now seat up to 70 patrons comfortably across a flexible seating system — many tables have rolling casters affixed to their legs. The architects explain that the design elements reinforce the gastronomical experience by blurring the lines of the environment to focus on what is within reach.”

Geometric motifs appear throughout the space: the circular tables are echoed in the mirrors, lighting systems, and windows that adorn the former industrial building. This repetition of shape and form recalls the jugs Morandi was so famous for painting, as does the color palette of soft greys, dusky pinks, and citrus yellows. The walls, floor, and ceiling all act as a canvas to these pops of color and texture. Exposed pipes and the use of aluminum and unfinished concrete give the space a futuristic feel that is tempered by the warmth of the materials and rounded forms that the space is furnished with.

Calle Amor de Dios 7
41002 Seville, Spain

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