Chapel Of Silence By STUDIO Associates

Located on the top of a valley in a little town in the province of Brescia, Italy, architect’s firm STUDIO associates has constructed a secular chapel in the woodlands of Botticino.

Named  ‘Chapel of Silence’, this six meters long, six meters high and three meters wide construction is situated on the border between the vast wild wood that dominates the landscape of the valley, embracing the chapel on the North, South and East. The building is entirely made of black bitumen-coated wood, matching the surrounded trunks of the oaks. The chapel has evolved from the idea of a local community formed by members of different religious beliefs. STUDIO associates designed this place in the middle of nature with the focus on spiritualism, that is suitable for everyone.
At the entrance, a monolithic element made of Botticino’s marble serves as a rainwater collector. The first space leads to a fragment of the wood, framed by an iron which prepares the prayer for what is to come. The second space was designed to be interpreted freely by the prayer and frames the outer forest and three meters high menhir made of Botticino’s marble. A black curtain on the framework regulates the levels of intimacy to the outside. The apparent simplicity and the use of bold material helps us to “bring us back to earth”, and to connect with the world of creation with our inner selves.

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