Co-Existe: A Collaborative Project Exploring Materials And Environments

Exploring possible relationships between the natural and the manmade, ‘Co-Existe’ presents a series of tranquil vignettes that unite landscape photography with sculptural design objects.

This project by Barcelona studio Six N. Five utilizes CGI to create sculptures that match their natural surroundings — so all is not as it seems. The structures are assembled from mirrors, inflatables, and steel in each respective landscape. A consistent design language is ensured as each sculpture maintains the same form regardless of photographic frame. The landscapes captured by Seattle photographer Cody Cobb inform the material of the digital sculpture, creating a dialogue between the real and the unreal.

All images © Cody Cobb · Concept: Willett · Art Direction: Ezequiel Pini & Willett · 3D Design & Retouch: Ezequiel Pini

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