Creative Studio Unravel Marries Past And Future In Andersson Bell’s New Seoul Store

The store is the second retail space designed by the local architecture practice. The objective was to create an environment that pays homage to the archaeologist’s delicacy in excavating historical sites. “We treat this with great care as if we don’t damage the traces of an imperfect past, and preserve them like historic sites, turning a blind eye to the aesthetics of perfection, and finally uncovering the traces of time,” the firm explains. This has been achieved by a combination of harsh, heavy materials and rough textures, including exposed brick walls and concrete flooring. The space features precise geometry throughout, with impressive monolithic installations contrasted by stainless steel shelving systems, which create a sense of friction between new and old. The architecture and garments are in dialog with each other and tell a story of heritage and innovation. “The store shows the restoration of the past at a future point,” the architects continue. “This destroyed space, which made us feel like we are back in the past, may have been the beginning of the inspiration.”

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