Cubist Inspired Paintings By Renée Gouin

Vancouver-based artist Renée Gouin explores the ritual of dressing and accessorizing with her monolithic prints.

Gouin’s deceptively simple illustrative style is influenced by Japanese woodblock prints and the subtle still life paintings of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi. She paints with the same flat shapes and cubist elements, drawing attention to the spatial effects of her work. But while these styles are known for being ultrasimple, Gouin’s paintings have an added richness: using a muted color palette consisting of lots of earthy, rusty hues, Gouin playfully explores the limits of perspective. Describing her work, Gouin says “I make monotype prints that strive to celebrate the women’s relationship with clothes”. Her portraits depict women carrying bags, posing in strong stances or going about their daily life, illustrating the elegance and artistry that comes with the ritual of dressing.

All images © Renée Gouin

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