Dua Studio Designs A Home Without Walls


In Bandung, Indonesia’s third largest city, local firm Dua Studio has designed the ‘4x6x6 House’; a small home that explores living large in an area defined by its high-density population.

The home measures 4x6x6 cubic meters spread across three levels; a modest space that Dua Studio has managed to make substantial through a reconfiguration of the interior. As the architects explain, the home is designed to “enhance the idea of here and there”, allowing the two to merge seamlessly via a floor plan with no walls. Each of the three rooms is itself a level, separated by stairwells instead of partitions. The lack of walls offers a flexible living area, creating intimacy and closeness for the residents whilst opening up the small space to light and air flow. The importance of new perspectives to the home is further emphasized by the windows, used as framing devices for interesting directions and views.


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