Eric Roinestad’s Ceramics Hark Back To The Heyday Of Modernism


Following a more than successful career designing iconic album covers for bands like The Beatles and Duran Duran at Capitol Records and Virgin Records, Roinestad turned to creating ceramics. While this had always been a hobby, it wasn’t until New York Gallery The Future Perfect picked up on his products that he decided to commit to making ceramic works full time. He then set up ER Studio — an LA based practice that produces unique sculptural objects, accessories, furniture and lighting. Everything made at the studio is either created by hand or created by hand and the pottery wheel.

Roinestad’s style has echoes of the late Constantin Brâncuși, a pioneer of modernist sculpture. Both use the same whitewashed, curved forms: Roinestad’s Corinthian helmets are formed of geometric, simple shapes and are given a smooth finish making them look like Brâncuși’s sleeping muse works. Roinestad has also cited the California modernist architect Irving Gill as an inspiration: this influence can be seen in Roinestad’s totem-like silhouettes and chunky stoneware items.


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