Hotel Mar Adentro · San José del Cabo

Architecture studio Taller Aragonés savours the site’s Mexican waterfront location through conceptual and architectural means, designing the hotel complex to be surrounded by shallow pools, which reflect the multiple buildings and sculptural structures. Aragonés explains, “The water is an event that borders the entire project; all of the volumes open up toward the sea and turn their backs on the city.” The boutique getaway consists of a series of ‘floating’ modules, constructed in a factory before being shipped to their destination and assembled on site. Spanning an area of 47,000 square meters, the Mar Adentro offers a myriad of luxury guest rooms, all presented with a limitless ocean view through their staggered arrangement. “Each floating volume contains interiors that form, in turn, independent universes. Each room visually contains a piece of the sea; no one can resist gazing out at it.” Throughout the interior, a consistently light colour and material palette have been used, presenting a stylistically minimal build that draws attention to the vast blue surroundings. The architect comments, “I wanted to take that horizon and bring it into the foreground.”

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