IN 2: A Black & White Home By Jean Verville

In a project aiming to intervene with the coldness often associated with contemporary architecture, Canadian architect Jean Verville presents ‘IN 2′ –
an interior renovation that offers a playful use of a monochrome palette.

Built in the 1950s, the 100 meter square residence is located in Villeray, Montreal. The original interior and furnishings were stripped to create a blank canvas for Verville and his team, who then transformed the home into a black and white architectural masterpiece of optical effects and illusions. ‘IN 2’ was commissioned by a couple with a love for contemporary art and theatre, and the project was designed with a number of ‘interactive’ contrasting spaces that confuse the boundaries of two and three dimension. The studio explain, “This architectural journey, animated by whimsical touches that unload the intervention of the coldness and seriousness often associated with contemporary architecture, calls for an experience completely altered by illusion, and this, for the delight of its owners.” The residence’s sense of illusion and trickery is captured in a series of images shot by Maxime Brouillet, some of which include shots of a model’s performative interaction with the space.

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