In The Studio With Kim Bartelt, The Artist Producing Deceptive Works Of Art


We meet Bartelt on a sunny, slow-paced April afternoon. Her studio space in northwestern Berlin is airy, complete with huge windows that bathe the single room in natural light, accentuating the beauty of the works on display. Organized yet full of creative clutter, this is the hub of Bartelt’s creative process, where the artist spends countless hours bringing her ideas to life.

An array of canvases in different stages of completion lean against the main wall, each showcasing her unique style and technique. We are instantly struck by their vividness and expressiveness—a captivating sequence of sloping surfaces and forms on smooth-coloured canvases. These are no regular paintings. Instead of using paint, the works result from several layers of irregular pieces of colored, textured sheets of paper glued to the canvas’s rough, unprimed surface. Through this technique, Bartelt composes different abstract forms and shapes. Some have a chalky effect reminiscent of fresco paintings, and others are flatter and more minimal; some are small in size, while others are large sculptural works.


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