Jack Bool’s Exquisite Take On The Ordinary


Art, fashion and the banal fuse in the diverse portfolio of Jack Bool, an Oakland-based photographer who shoots predominantly in analog.

Unlike many photographers, Bool doesn’t always have his camera on him—preferring instead to meditate on his ideas before making them permanent through his lens. Consequently, his work has a considered aesthetic not always associated with the candid nature of contemporary analog photography. Working in California and abroad, his photographs are often set in mundane and familiar urban spaces. He frames moments—the cream carpet of a function center, a rust-stained tin fence—in a way that bristles equally with unpleasantness and beauty. He is drawn to such banal environments, describing them in as “sublime ugly”. The act of photographing these spaces marks them as significant, worthy of a second glance—this is something he is consciously cultivating in his work. In an interview with Der Greif, Bool remarked: “I think of my practice as having two separate but inextricably linked parts—I view myself as a collector and an associator.”


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