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Studio Jinsik Kim, the eponymous Korean design firm that focuses on sculpture, installation and art direction, creates furniture that blurs the line between sophistication and playfulness.

Interested in the intersection of “life, objects and people”, the Seoul-based firm manipulates material into forms that excite and inspire. The studio made a name for itself back in 2015 with its ‘HalfHalf Square’ — a collection of tables made of bent stainless steel and thick, heavy stone. The tables can also be used as stools or bedside tables, in line with the growing trend towards modular, space-saving furniture. A smooth, mirrored, u-shaped stool sits atop a volakas marble stone, making it look like the “table” is about to tip over. This sense of playfulness permeates all of the studio’s designs — from its marble patterned tables to its geometric paper weights that look at once prehistoric and futuristic. Contrast is a main focus for the design studio, who not only use contrasting materials but also use opposing colours and shapes in its designs.

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