Karimoku Case Study: Designing Small Sanctuaries In A Fast-paced World


For one of the company’s most recent projects, ‘Case Study 07’, renowned architect Norman Foster turned to Karimoku Case Study to develop custom furniture for his private residence. “[We] realized that there was no single specific collection in existence that could be used for the different uses of the building, so I decided to develop a bespoke family of furniture. Timber was a natural choice to match the spirit of the building and Karimoku Case Study, with its proven record of beautifully crafting and detailing wood for furniture, was an obvious partner,” says the architect about the collaboration. In addition to a holistic design approach and a shared love for craftsmanship, the two partners share a solid commitment to the environment. Karimoku Case Study uses exclusively sustainably harvested and non-fertilised woods—from timber to pure and smoked oak. “We manufacture all our brands at domestic factories in Japan. This way, we can guarantee the quality of the wood and the reliability of our furniture,” Hiroshi Kato points out.

Naturalness is not only an essential aspect for Karimoku Case Study in terms of materials, but the brand also ensures that its product range and partnerships emerge almost organically from the projects on which they work. “Nature and human wellbeing play a huge role in how we work and I would personally love to see new cases and collaborations that truly share this approach. So let that be an invitation to any new clients,” concludes Werner.


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