Keef Palas And Miquel Díaz Pont’s Ode To Summer


“We only want to live in summer time,” a voice narrates over the film’s opening scenes, “a special time lapse in which an action or event takes place, and you feel the cosiness and warmth of the moment holding you.” In ‘The Eternal Summertime’, the seasons are sped forward. The warmth of summer begins to permeate the screen after the cracking of pinecones, the change of seasons heralded by water lapping against the sand and cryovaced bodies being struck by light in a field of waist-high grass. The collection, Keef Palas explained to IGNANT, is “an ode to summer”, along with the desire for “it to be endless.”

In ‘Eternal’, Claire O’Keefe and Eugenia Oliva—the founders of Keef Palas—continue their leitmotif of organic items as wearable art. Moving from perishable pieces that require refrigeration, the pair has created ‘Eternal’ with objects from the ocean. “This collection is created from treasure we find on the Mediterranean coast”, Keef Palas explains. “This season we played with pebbles, shells, mussels, razor clams, and cuttlefish bones to create the pieces.” These take form as jewelry, but also eyewear, and beyond—mesh dresses crafted of clam shells, earrings of pearlescent shell, glasses made of stone. With designs from this collection that nod to Botticelli’s Venus as much as they do the Little Mermaid, and references in ‘The Eternal Summertime’ to Antoni Pitxot—a Spanish-Catalan artist and longtime collaborator and friend of Salvador Dali—the work of Keef Palas and Miquel Diaz Pont treads finely between high art and high fashion in this ode to the ephemerality and joy of summertime.


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