Ken Hermann’s Portraits Of The Indian Flower Men

Danish photographer Ken Hermann deals with themes such as people, culture, and life. From every location, no matter how small or large, Hermann draws energy and inspiration. He has travelled different countries, from India and Ethiopia to modern metropolises like New York. Characterized by texture, volume, and atmosphere, all his pictures feature this cosmopolitan aesthetic.
Named “Flower Man”, the series by Hermann is a personal portrait project photographed in the Malik Ghat Flower Market in Kolkata. During his trip through India, Hermann was truly fascinated by this market, but also liked the way how the very strong, masculine florists transport their flowers with so much care as if they were little, precious things. Flowers are used for everything in India, from festivals and parties to religious rituals. The market offers an enormous variety of brightly hued hibiscuses, vivid crimson roses, jasmine bouquets, fragrant lotus and magnolia flowers. But Hermann decided to photograph only vendors carrying these colourful flowers, treating them like fragile treasures. As one of the biggest flower markets in Asia, the market in Kolkata is a beautiful but also a very stressful place. Ken’s work allows the beholder to compare and contrast the business of selling flowers in a unique and formal approach.

All images © Ken Hermann

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