Le Comptoir Général · Paris

Le Comptoir Général is situated right at the Quai de Jemmapes in the 10th arrondissement. And while people are hanging out in the sun at the canal, we walk through an almost hidden entrance in a backyard and enter a wonderland. Looking like an abandoned hotel, or maybe a former embassy Le Comptoir Général offers a gallery space, a café, a bar, a bookshop and a museum.

The more you wander around the place, the more secrets you unveil: here a witchcraft cabinet, there an African hair salon or a indoor jungle. At the end of the visit, you still have no idea where you’ve been but you’ll feel amazed by everything you just saw. You can go there to hang out with friends, sit on vintage sofas, have an african beer or chat and laugh in the overgrown jungle of the coutyard. The athmosphere is laid back and cozy and what makes it even more amazing ist hat their concept is promoting social entrepreneurship and sustainable practices. They lease the place for all kinds of events, whereas all the proceeds go to supporting associations. The building itself is highly ecological, the isolation is optimized, rain water is collected and reused, plants are growing everywhere, and the furniture is recycled and reused. Sundays you can have an organic brunch that is simple, tasty and affordable. It gives it all a very authentic, relaxed feel and we highly recommend not to miss this special location when visiting Paris.

Le Comptoir Général · 80, quai de Jemmapes
 · 75010 Paris

Opening Hours:
Fri – Sun 11:00 – 00:00

Tel: 00331 44 88 20 45 · Mail: · Web:

Text & pictures by Caroline Kurze | In cooperation with Escapio

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