Luca Anzalone Evokes The Perception Of Touch


Italian photographer Luca Anzalone is something of a creative multi-hyphenate—with an array of work across creative genres. The emerging photographer’s aesthetic expertly balances that technical combination of light, color, tone, form, and emotion.

Although a photographer, Anzalone’s practice is multidisciplinary: spanning painting, sculpture, installations, and drawing. Having graduated just last year, the young photographer has developed his visual voice substantially, shooting creative editorials for the likes of Vogue Italia and Dazed & Confused. There’s an abstract and performative element to Anzalone’s editorials; they appear somewhat theatrical in their composition. As explained on his website, the tactility of his work is due a penchant for organic texture, touch, and light. This fascination helps to bring his photographs to life: his imagery often features elements that interact with his subjects, including props, objects, paints, fabrics, birds, chairs, and foods—you name it, Anzalone has most probably used it to complement his work.

All images © Luca Anzalone


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