Masha Reva For Jacquemus: ‘By The Sea’

For the book ‘Marseille Je T’aime’ by Jacquemus, founder and designer Simon Porte Jacquemus called on the creativity of contemporary artists and designers, who produced exclusive work in homage to his hometown, Marseille. Amongst the projects is ‘By the Sea’, an editorial series by illustrative artist and designer Masha Reva.

The series was photographed by Reva’s friend and long term collaborator Armen Parsadanov, and continues her exploration of fabric and skin as a canvas. With Sofi Pashkual as her model, Reva fashions outfits from paper, perspex and pen. The layering of conventionally unwearable materials creates a blurred line between the muses of a visual artist and a fashion designer, and Reva transforms the body into an instrument that brings static shapes to life. The images are characterised by an light hearted mood, perhaps for the fact the costumes are utterly unsuitable to wear by the seaside. This mood could also be said to emerge from the familiarity of the theme of home to Reva, who after graduating from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Womenswear, decided to return to her native town of Kiev in Ukraine.

‘Marseille Je T’aime’ by Jacquemus is available to purchase here.
All images © Armen Parsadanov

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