Minimalist Fobe House By Guilhem Eustache

Built by architect Guilhem Eustache, the beautiful minimalist ‘Fobe House’ with its whitewashed forms and columns reminds more of a sculptural complex, rather than a home. Located south of Marrakech, in Morocco, the complex is in a seamless synergy with vegetation, climate and the Atlas Mountains on the horizon.

This architectural classic, home to a film producer, is the result of a collaboration between the architect and a client. The principal concept was to perceive architecture through movements while playing with lights, shadows and volumes. Built with traditional techniques and materials, Fobe House is also a reflection of Guilhem Eustache’s love for Morocco and its rich culture. Besides preserving the wild terrain, the team planted hundreds of new trees on a 240-sqm plot. Thick walls of the complex that respond to the high temperatures and harsh climate give the house modernist and celestial feel. Even though minimalist dwelling has the modern features like a swimming pool or glass wall, it’s also silent, discreet, and genuine towards the land. “Each region and country deserves architectural answers that are adapted to specific climate, cultural and economic conditions,” explains Eustache his architectural approach.

All images © Jean Marie Monthiers

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