Persian Gardens Reimagined As Concrete Forms

Studio Ossidiana, a Rotterdam-based architectural practice, brings together the minds of Alessandra Covini and Tomas Dirrix. The duo declare their work to challenge the contemporary condition and cultural continuity of buildings, spaces and things.

Their project ‘Petrified Carpets’ is a collection of concrete architectural elements, inspired by two-dimensional motifs and patterns found on Persian rugs. Traditionally, these motifs were often representative of visual features presented in Persian gardens, such as fountains, doorways and kiosks. Now with a contemporary approach, Studio Ossidiana have continued this conversation between those two- and three-dimensional spaces by creating a series of expressive concrete objects in reference to historic Persian garden forms. Covini and Dirrix’s objects present a series of experimental meditations on concrete as a material, coloured with pigments and textured with varying types of sand and stones. The duo describe the project as “a material study on the carpet as an architectural space, as a place embodying narratives, rituals and craftsmanship.” ‘Petrified Carpets’ explores the possibilities of concrete whilst conceptually translating the Persian garden, reinterpreting a historical setting with an interesting new tactility.

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