Pettersen & Hein’s Uncommon Objects

Under the name Pettersen & Hein, one artist and one designer join in a collaborative project that challenges boundaries between form and function. Exploring new possibilities of common creation, Magnus Pettersen and Lea Hein design one-of-a-kind pieces that aim to be unclassified objects and perspective-changers.

The Norwegian artist Magnus Pettersen and the Danish furniture designer Lea Hein started their unusual collaboration back in 2015. Both coming from so similar, yet different fields of visual art, artistic duo’s mutual project is allowing new practice and experimentation. Without typical restrictions and burdens of form and function that their fields adopt, Pettersen & Hein’s curated collections are homage to material, color, and form. This liberation from categorization is tolerating the usage and combination of contradictive industrial materials that artists transform into simple geometrical forms. Adding pigments to heavy and monochrome concrete, they change material’s color making it organic and alive, but also are offering an altered insight about the same to the observer. Questioning the possibilities of, “what happens when design is no longer comprised by function, but longs for the aesthetic and ethical freedom of art,” Pettersen & Hein manage to merge the settled parameters forming their own rules.

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