Photographer Put A Huge Mirror In A Salt Flat To Capture The Surreal Australian Nature

For the last decade, Australian photographer Murray Fredericks has become a frequent visitor in Australia’s lowest geographical point – the Lake Eyre salt flats. It’s unique landscape captivated the artist and inspired multiple projects of his. The latest one being “Vanity,” through which he managed to capture imagery like you’ve probably never seen before.

He went there with his trusty camera and a giant 1200 x 1800mm (~4 x 6ft) mirror, which he placed in an inch deep salt water, which on itself serves as a humongous mirror for the sky shows that are visible in photographer’s long exposure shots.

“Rather than reflecting our own image, the mirror is positioned to draw our gaze away from ourselves and into the environment, encouraging us to engage with light, color, and space,” the photographer explains.

The results are these surreal shots below, which almost look like Photoshopped images. While in reality, they uncover just how much more of nature can be discovered by switching our perspective on it.

More info: murray fredericks | instagram (h/t: ignantpetapixel)

Watch him do it:

[vimeo 172862014 w=915 h=515]

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