Prue Stent And Honey Long Present Soft Tissue

In collaboration with photographer Prue Stent, the series of artist Honey Long titled “Soft Tissue” captures the female body focused on different body parts appearing like a dreamlike landscape.

The creative duo has a long-held fascination with gender, identity and the beauty and strangeness of the female body. Their series discovers the unexpected such as a tongue protruding from an envelope of pale pink fabric, or a woman’s body swathed in damp cloth. With this pictures, the two artist want to distance themselves from the stereotypical female sexuality and create their own imaginary. The pictures draw the attention to the details of the body, its’ textures, protrusions, folds and the things often kept hidden. This focus generates intricacy, animism and mystery. Anthropomorphic objects and materials merge with and distort these bodily forms so the beholder finds it difficult to grasp. The artist’s intention is to encourage the viewers to feel the images and observe their own meanings and associations that take shape.

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