Ryan Shororsky Portraits Terrestrial Life In Nevada

Ryan Shororsky finds the perfect mode to portray the controversial area of the United States that has long fanned dozens of alien-related theories – through the imageries. Subsequently, his ongoing photo series ‘Nevada Mirage’ is the reflection of his observations and experiences with this extraordinary desert state.

Impressed by Nevada while working as a long-haul truck driver in 2014, the American photographer started his curious photo voyage last year. Shororsky’s images were taken in places and towns that border with the famous military area Area 51, also known as Dreamland and Paradise Ranch. The veil of secrecy that’s been overshadowing the region gives a vast inspiration for the conspiracy theories, followed by ridiculous alien-themed marketing efforts. In between the speculations of extra-terrestrial life, Ryan Shororsky provides insights into the ordinary life of terrestrial residents and places. Although in these initial farfetched mirages he captured bizarreness of the area, the photographer plans to go back to finish the projects that he describes as “a strange love letter to Nevada”.

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