Studio David Tholstrup Designs Tableau, Copenhagen’s Newest Florist

Housed in a 19th-century building at the heart of Copenhagen is Tableau, a unique concept store selling flowers and art, designed by Studio David Thulstrup.

More akin to a gallery or art space than a flower store, Tableau has been richly outfitted by the design studio. Against the polished concrete of its floors and walls stand graphic, glittering plinths. Singular flower arrangements of king proteas and orchids stand atop these podiums as if art pieces. “The brief included designing architectural podiums in single materials, such as terrazzo, glass bricks, and polished metal profiles,” explain the studio. In addition to the furniture, the studio also created a custom lighting system that illuminates the space via mood-adjustable LED lights, this intelligent lighting is mirrored in the system the studio designed to house pot plants. The “growth rack”, a cylindrical steel structure with a light at its center, doubles as a light installation. By day, the central shaft radiates a white light which transitions to a purple as the sun sets, casting the store in a rich glow after hours. The contrast between the organic floral forms and the clean lines of the interior and furniture offer the space a layered and atmospheric feeling.

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