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Drawn from the Latin tactilis ‘to touch’, the word tactile implies something that is perceptible by contact — it is a concept that hints at the tangible and the sensory. If you are a tactile person, you touch.

In ‘Tactile Misadventures’, the latest editorial shot for iGNANT by Natasha Fava, such tactility is rendered in each photograph — be it by material or by human. Each image presents a different material sensation: from gauzy silk to the fluff of faux-fur heels, and the thick itch of tapestry. As the volume of the Dania Dress drapes itself across both models, the swish of its material can be felt beyond the frame. Through Fava’s lens, even the gloss of a pink lily’s leaves become a sensory experience, as their shine is contrasted against the matt lightness of a face.

Photographer: Natasha Fava
Stylist: Hoi Liu
Art Director: Sheena Brobbey
Makeup Artist: Chihiro Yamada
Hair: Kanae Kikuchi
Models: Koko at Body London, Faye

Special thanks to Lana Pavlova for film scanning


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