The Painterly Pairings Of Ana Larruy


The painterly pairings of Ana Larruy’s videos and photographs offer dreamy moments of introspection and connection.

For someone born only in 1994, Larruy certainly has an enviable CV. The Spanish fashion photographer grew up in Barcelona, studied in NYC and Madrid, before finally settling in London in 2014 where she worked for two years as the assistant of Laurence Ellis. The thoughtful young photographer quotes John Berger in the opening of her artist statement: “Creation is nothing but the act of shaping what has been received. The artist becomes a receptor.” Larruy considers herself as such an observer, and the intimacy of her lens conveys her thoughtful approach to photography and film. “I don’t look for something in particular when I photograph, I feel like there’s an encounter between the observed and the observer, myself,” she explains. “I like to think that the act of observing equals an encounter.” Her encounters are various, from high fashion to drifting curtains in a doorway and the gentle rotations of a plane’s propeller — all imbued with the same zephyr-like feeling.


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