The Spectacular Winning Photos Of The 2018 Birth Becomes Her Photography Contest

Overall Winner. Marijke Thoen of Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie – Serving Lochristi, Belguim – “Stunning Siblings First Encounter”

The winners of the 2018 Birth Becomes Her photography contest were recently announced and this year, the photos are more stunning than ever.

They received around 1,000 submissions this year with more than 20,000 people voting for their People’s Choice winners. Photographers from around the world have been invited to submit their strongest images in the categories, Maternity, Labor, Birth, Fresh, and Breastfeeding photography, to be shared with the world, and reviewed by an amazing panel of judges. The overall winner of the competition was a photograph taken by Marijke Thoen in black and white.

More info: Birth Becomes Her Photography Contest (h/t: photogrist)

Birth First Place. Selena Rollason of Brisbane Birth Photography – Serving Brisbane, AU – “Half Born and Already Reaching for Mama”

Breastfeeding First Place. Cory Janiak by Ebb and Flow Photography – Serving Treasure Coast, FL – “Within Reach”

Fresh/Postpartum First Place. Veronika Richardson of Fox Valley Birth and Baby – Serving Green Bay, WI – “This is VBAC”

Labor First Place. Rebecca Coursey-Rugh of Rebecca Coursey Photography – Serving Los Angles, CA – “Nowhere and Everywhere”

Maternity First Place. Jen Conway of Jen Conway Photography Serving Greenville, SC – “This is what a Goddess Looks Like”

Birth Second Place. Neely Ker-Fox of Ker-Fox Photography – Serving Columbus, GA – “Fist Bump for Mom”

Birth Third Place. Dominique Lamontagne of Dominique Lamontagne Photography – Serving Ottawa, Ontario – “Caught in Between Worlds”

Breastfeeding Second Place. Veronika Richardson of Fox Valley Birth and Baby – Serving Green Bay, WI – “Tranquility”

Breastfeeding Third Place. Christina Benton – Serving Milwaukee, WI – “Stir Fry”

Fresh/Postpartum Second Place. Lacey Barratt from Lacey Barratt Photography – Serving Melbourne, AU – “Rebirth”

Fresh/Postpartum Third Place. Kayla Gonzales of Austin Birth Photos – Serving Austin, TX – “Postpartum Uncensored”

Labor Second Place. Ashley Marston of Ashley Marston Photography – Serving Vancouver Island, BC – “Labor by Candlelight”

Labor Third Place. Laura Wando of Laura Cate Photography – Serving Kampala, Uganda – “Before the Cut”

Maternity Second Place. Melissa Benzel of Benzel Photography – Serving Orlando, Florida – “Staying Afloat”

Maternity Third Place. Vanessa Mendez of Vanessa Mendez Photography – Serving San Antonio, TX – “A Mother’s Love”

People’s Choice Category Winner – Breastfeeding. Gabriella Hunt of Gabriella Hunt Photography – Serving Rochester, New York – “A Hush Fell Over The Crowd”

People’s Choice Category Winner – Birth. Caroline Devulder – Serving Ghent, Belgium – “Transition to Earth”

People’s Choice Category Winner – Fresh/Postpartum. Deborah Elenter of NEO Photography – Serving Uruguay – “Success”

People’s Choice Category Winner – Labor. Esther Edith of Esther Edith Photography – Serving Spokane, Washington – “Three Souls Labor As One”

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