‘The UnsTable’ By Urszula Ksiazkiewicz

Furniture and product designer Urszula Ksiazkiewicz has created ‘The UnsTable’, a wooden table that appears to come to life with an innovative kneeling mechanism.

Inspired by the idea that emotional attachment to an object lengthens its lifespan, ‘The UnsTable’ presents a fun but practical solution to wasteful attitudes towards furniture. By implementing hinge mechanisms in two of the table’s legs, the piece appears to be kneeling forwards towards you as you eat, work or rest. The charm of the zoomorphic creation is apparent in this sensory illusion, presenting a product that appears like a living creature. Ksiazkiewicz created ‘The UnsTable’ in two iterations: Unstable One features a magnet and moving door system that enables a user to place small objects on the surface of the table. Unstable Two includes oak coasters that rest on the surface, levelling at the correct angle to use the piece as a coffee or dining table. Ksiazkiewicz describes that during the design process of both models, multiple revisions were necessary to find the correct balance between the illusion and reality of constructing an unstable table.

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