Tiny Treehouse By Wee Studio

Timber hut hidden in the forests of Bejing’s Wuling Mountain, subscribes to ideas of deliberated tiny living and subtle relationship between nature and inhabitation. Designed by local micro-architecture specialists Wee Studio, this tiny house is an outcome of successful crowdfunding project and studio’s practice of inviting people to be a part of the design and construction process.

Nestled between poplar and hawthorn trees, and mountain creeks, natural setting of Treehouse allows inhabitants complete affiliation with the nature. Tiny wooden house with the position, structure and design neatly blends into the surrounding landscape, while communicating with mountains, trees, sky and water. Prefabricated steelframed structure was assembled on the site to ensure the precision of the irregular form, and the façade is clad with recycled wooden panels. The Treehouse is literally tiny. With combined floor area of just 8 square meters, house is formed as two separated polyhedrons connected with a deck. However, cabin still satisfies essential needs; one pavilion serves as a tearoom, and the other one as a bathroom. Small tearoom floored with Tatami mat during daylight is a place for reading and relaxing that easily transforms into convenient sleeping area at night. Through the study of window layout and human body size, the architects tried to avoid the feeling of cramped space and enhance communication with the nature.

All images © Sun Haiting, RoadsideAlien Studio, Dai Haifei

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