Guy Creates Hilarious Résumé Using Google Autocomplete, Inspires Jobseekers Everywhere

Image via TechnicallyRon

Updating your resume can be a tedious and boring task, but Aaron Gilles—the mind behind the comedic Twitter account Technically Ron—just put an interesting twist on the process. Playing a 21st-century version of Mad Libs, Gilles used Google autocomplete to create his new CV, and the results are hilarious.

“I needed to update my CV so I did it all through Google autocomplete and soon I will have every job,” he tweeted.

That’s up for debate, considering his new resume tells us that his phone won’t turn on and he’s not good at anything, but you never know, employers might appreciate the honesty. The creative job application has gotten even better since other Twitter users have latched onto the idea, making their own autocomplete CVs and tagging them #autocompleteCV.

It’s actually quite interesting to see the slight variations that result from differences in locations and language. If you believe the children are our future or are trained in gorilla warfare, you’ll find accurate results. Otherwise, it’s a fun—and funny—way to grab a potential employer’s attention.

A Twitter search for #autocompleteCV will take you through some other hilarious results.

funny resume

Image via Hedda

funny resume

Image via Carlos C

funny cv

Image via Colm

funny cv

Image via Jason Williams

funny cv

Image via Natalie Lanovill

funny cv

Image via Sharon Crowley

Autocomplete CV

Image via NORMA Group

People have also created their funny resumes in other languages.

Autocomplete CV

Image via Arturo Jimenez

funny resume

Image via taste!

We couldn’t resist giving the updated CV a try ourselves.

Autocomplete CV

h/t: [Design TAXI]

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