11 Enchanting Gifts That Double as Good Luck Charms


Good Luck Gifts Lucky Gifts

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Do you believe in the power of a good luck charm? If so, prepare to be dazzled and delighted by these enchanting lucky gifts.

This whimsical collection of creative good luck gifts puts a modern twist on age-old folklore, ancient beliefs, and old wives’ tales. From a little ladybug that sits on your finger to mesmerizing crystals that make morning coffee feel magical, these dreamy goodies are perfect pick-me-ups for any occasion.

Superstitious or not, anyone would feel lucky to receive one of these charming gifts.

In need of a little luck? Check out this spell-binding selection of lucky gifts.

Ladybug Ring

According to superstition, the ladybug is believed to bring good luck to whomever it lands upon. With this ring, however, you don’t need to wait around for one to find you. Wear it and you’ll always have a lucky little bug on your finger!


DIY Panda Doll

Good Luck Gifts Lucky Gifts

Kiriki Press | $18.00

The lucky bamboo plant is a key element of Feng Shui, a Chinese practice that revolves around the relationship between one’s surroundings and a negative or positive flow of energy. While lucky bamboo is a bit different than the bamboo that pandas prefer, this little doll captures the positivity of the charmed flora.


‘Wish Upon a Star’ Bath Bomb

Good Luck Gifts Lucky Gifts

TheBathCandyShop | $6.00

Everyone knows that when you wish upon a star your dreams will come true. Now, thanks to these lucky star bath bombs, you can even take a dip in a tub of swirling stardust!


Daruma Card

Good Luck Gifts Lucky Gifts

mistprint | $4.00

The Daruma is a Japanese wishing doll associated with Zen Buddhism. The eyes of the Daruma doll are intentionally left blank, prompting its owner to paint one of them while making a wish or setting a goal. Once the objective has been reached, the owner fills in the other eye, completing the doll.


Crane Ring Set

Good Luck Gifts Lucky Gifts

Mary Lou | $119

In Japan, the crane, or tsuru, is a symbol of good luck and longevity. With this three-piece ring, you will be reminded of the beautiful bird’s charm every time you spot its glistening gold beak and legs.


Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging

Good Luck Gifts Lucky Gifts

BohoDaisyStudio $158.00

Dreamcatchers play a prevalent role in many Native American cultures. Believed to have been invented by the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe, the spiderweb-inspired crafts were intended to protect people by “catching” any harmful dreams or thoughts.


Lucky Penny Necklace

Good Luck Gifts Lucky Gifts

Anthropologie | $48.00

“Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you’ll have good luck.” According to this beloved proverb, discovering a discarded penny is a sign of good fortune. So, we can only imagine that wearing one is double the luck!


Rainbow Pencil

Good Luck Gifts Lucky Gifts

Duncan Shotton | $15.00

Leprechaun legend has it that if you follow a rainbow, you’ll stumble upon a glistening pot of gold. With this magic in mind, who knows what can happen when you write, doodle, or draw with one?


Real Four-Leaf Clover Necklace

Good Luck Gifts Lucky Gifts

GypsiesCreatures | $24.00

According to folklore, the four-leaf clover is considered good luck. Though the roots of this superstition aren’t clear, the tiny plant is often associated with the ability to see fairies—a dream you can keep close to your heart with this real clover necklace.


Stork Scissors

Symbolically, a visit from the stork means a new bundle of joy has arrived. On top of this baby-related belief, however, the elegant bird also represents longevity in Chinese culture and purification in the Christian faith.


Ceramic Crystal Mug

Good Luck Gifts Lucky Gifts

Modern Mud | $175.00

Mystical and mesmerizing crystals are believed to carry positive energy. Though the glistening structures sticking out of this coffee cup are made out of clay, they’re still bound to bring a bit of positivity—especially since they’re paired with a glimmering galaxy of lucky stars!


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