20+ Pieces of Nature-Inspired Furniture That Creatively Capture Earth’s Beauty

nature-inspired furniture

What if you could explore the great outdoors and experience earth’s natural wonders without leaving the comfort of your home? Thanks to many contemporary creatives, this is entirely possible! Today, some artists and designers have adopted nature as their muse and craft interior pieces rooted in the physical world. In this collection of earthly objects, we take a look at some of our favorite pieces of nature-inspired furniture.

From a topographic table and a tangled tree chair to a luminous log and a moon that brightens up your bedroom, these unique statement pieces bring the beauty of nature indoors. Whether you’d like to snuggle up with a surprisingly soft pebble or stack your books on the branch of a tree, this fresh selection of furniture is sure to provide some picturesque interior design inspiration.

Abyss Horizon table by Duffy London

Cracked Log Lamp by Duncan Meerding

Organic Chairs by Pontus Willfors

Pastizal Human Nature rug by Alexandra Kehayoglou

Drift Bench by Fernando Mastrangelo

Pebble Furniture by Stephanie Marin

nature-inspired furniture pebble pillows cushions

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Bilbao bookshelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Woodcast stool by Hilla Shamia

Tree Rings pedestals by Judson Beaumont

Starry Sea table by Alexandre Chapelin

Rupture cabinet by Filip Janssens

Full Grown chair by Gavin Munro

Forms in Nature lamp by Pio Diaz

Water Table by Derek Pearce

Winter Chair by Alexandra Kehayoglou

Bird Chandelier by Sebastian Errazuriz

Liquid Glacial by Zaha Hadid

Popup Lighting by Chen Bikovski

Tree shelf by BespOak Interiors

Lamp Mygdal by Nui Studio

Souvenir of the Last Century stool by Nucleo

Medusae lamps by Roxy Russell

Giant Birdsnest for Creating New Ideas by Merav (Salush) Eitan and Gaston Zahr

Moon lamp by Pulsar Moonlight

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