Amazing Winners of ‘Drone Awards 2018’ Reveal the Best Aerial Photos of the Year


Drone Photo Awards

“Above The Polar Bear” by Florian Ledoux. Photographer of the Year

Celebrating the art of drone photography, the inaugural Drone Awards attracted the attention of photographers from 101 different countries. And with over 4,400 submissions, the expert jury had their hands full in deciding who would win the grand prize. In the end, it was French photographer Florian Ledoux who took home the title of Photographer of the Year for his award-winning photo of a polar bear swimming through the freezing waters of northern Canada.

International photographers submitted their work to six different categories capturing the variety of possibilities that drone photography allows. Top entries in the Sport category demonstrate how overhead shadows can be used to great effect, while photographers in the Abstract category use perspective and distance to create new forms.

The contest, which was created by the organizers of the prestigious Siena International Photography Awards, aims to remind the public of drone photography’s artistic value. “In this growing debate, regarding surveillance and privacy issues in the midst of ever-advancing technology, the role of the artists seems seminal,” the organization writes. “Contemporary aerial artists continue to use photography to create images of extraordinary reach and power, deepening our understanding of the world beyond its surface appearance and the way we relate to it.”

The winning photographs will be part of a group exhibition, Sky’s the Limit, in Siena, Italy from October 26, 2018 to December 2, 2018.

The winners of the first annual Drone Awards demonstrate the artistry of drone photography.

Drone Photo Awards

“Weather Snake” by Ovi D. Pop. Winner, Abstract

Aerial Photography Awards

“Assisi Over the Clouds” by Francesco Cattuto. Winner, Urban

Aerial Photography Awards

“El Angel” by Luis Alonso Jimenez Silva. Runner Up, Sport

Aerial Photography Awards

“Mada’in Saleh” by Gabriel Scanu. Winner, Nature

Drone Photo Awards

“Pilgrimage of Millions of People” by Qinghua Shui. Winner, People

Aerial Photography Awards

“Entrance to Hell” by Xiaoxiao Liu. Runner Up, Nature

Drone Photo Awards

“Skating Shadows” by Vincent Riemersma. Winner, Sport

Aerial Photography Awards

“Ameneties” by Gary Cummins. Runner Up, Urban

2018 Drone Awards Photo Contest

“Warehouse Fire” by Byron du Bois. Runner Up, Urban

Aerial Photography Awards

“Whale Sharks” by Bachir Moukarzel. Highly Commended, Wildlife

Aerial Photography Awards

“Dendrites” by Branko Markovic. Highly Commended, Abstract

Drone Photo Awards

“Big Shadow” by Thomas Vijayan. Runner Up, Wildlife

2018 Drone Awards Photo Contest

“Blacktip Shark” by Adam Barker. Winner, Wildlife

Drone Photo Awards

“Vertical Racing” by Shoayb Khattab. Highly Commended, Sport

2018 Drone Awards Photo Contest

“Ice Magic” by Martin Mecnarowski. Runner Up, Abstract

Drone Awards: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by the Drone Awards.

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