Charming Vintage Necklaces Hold Secret Handwritten Messages

Jewelry designer Marcella of Paperface Studio secrets away tiny messages inside vintage-style ball locket pendants. The Santa Fe-based creative has a flair for fun and nostalgia—remember those days of hiding secret admirer notes for a crush to find at a later time? She has a few styles of “secret message” lockets. The hollowed-out brass balls include two strips of accordion folded paper, while a tightly-rolled scroll fits snugly inside a cork-topped cylinder for a more “message in a bottle” feel. Customers can write a message themselves upon receiving the necklace or brief messages can be printed on parchment by request, if the necklace is directly sent to an admirer.

Marcella’s charming pendants remind us that handwriting a note is not a dead art form. In fact, it can be quite charming. Send a necklace to a loved one to say you’re thinking of them or write a sweet message for yourself and wear it proudly around your own neck. Secret messages, after all, don’t always have to be shared.

Marcella sells her timeless handiwork through her Etsy shop, Paperface Studio.

Paperface Studio: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Etsy
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