Check Out the Candid “Photos” from this Fake AI-Generated Party

Fake Party Photos Generated by Midjourney

Photo: Mike Zimmerman

At first glance, these photos may seem like your average images of people at a house party. But upon closer inspection, you may notice that many of these partygoers appear to have extra fingers or too many teeth. That’s when it’s clear—this party isn’t real. In fact, the images are the work of developer Miles Zimmerman. He created them using the AI image generator Midjourney and then posted the results on Twitter, sparking a lot of feedback.

“Midjourney is getting crazy powerful—none of these are real photos, and none of the people in them exist,” Zimmerman wrote. While the image maker did an eerie job of creating this party, people began to pick apart the details that reveal the truth. In one photo, a woman’s tattoo is completely blurry and looks like what one user called a “petri dish mold colony.”

Hands seem to be a big stumbling block for AI, as many of the partygoers have 6 or even 7 fingers. One photo even shows a hand floating in front of a door as one man holds up a cup in celebration. So, while the faces look realistic, there are some big issues with anatomy.

Fake Party Photos Generated by MidjourneyFake Party Photos Generated by Midjourney

Photo: Mike Zimmerman

After Zimmerman posted a collection of male partygoers in the thread, he noted that it was difficult to generate the image. To produce a picture of a man, he had to try much harder. And, as is clear in the photos, diversity is not Midjourney’s strong suit.

“I had to be specific in order to get male-looking AI people—and even then, variation is a challenge. It definitely defaults to white people when you ask for ‘people.’”

In fact, many people noted the homogenous look of the crowd at the house party. Some felt that everyone looked related, while others commented that the AI data set must have included a lot of high fashion magazines. Others, who had experience with Midjourney said that to get a more diverse outcome they needed to make their prompts very specific.

While Zimmerman doesn’t consider himself an AI expert or artist by any means, the results he was able to achieve—even with the weird fingers—show just how powerful AI can be. His tweet is a timely reminder that now, more than ever, we need to keep our eyes open to determine what’s real, and what’s fiction.

While these photos may look like candid pictures from a house party, they were actually generated with Midjourney.

People quickly began noticing some of the strange details—like too many fingers—that betray the fact that they were made with AI.

The images also stirred up conversation about bias in AI, as the “people” all seem strikingly similar—and not diverse.

These results are a good reminder to keep your eyes open for seemingly real photographs.

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