“Constellation Piercing” Trend Arranges Tiny Earrings All Over the Ear Like Stars in the Sky

If you’re looking for a way to sport some interstellar style, then take a peek at the stunning Constellation piercing trend. This growing fashion statement is much like it sounds—a collection of small earrings adorn your earlobe and cartilage in the same way that the stars dot the sky.

Celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson is the one responsible for championing this out-of-this-world style. He started about two years ago piercing different parts of clients’ ears, adding to jewelry they already had and refining the overall arrangement with a few new holes. The overall result is both beautiful and totally customizable depending on the shape of your ear and personal aesthetic—some prefer studs that simply line their lobes while others have spread delicate clusters of jewels all over.

This trend can be taken even farther with the addition of a statement earring like a star or moon. See some our favorite iterations of Constellation piercings, below.

Above photo credit: @loganhollowelljewelry

Photo credit: @brookebittenspiercing

Photo credit: @vangoghdown

Photo credit: @bodyelectrictattoo

Photo credit: @bodyelectrictattoo

Photo credit: @brookebittenspiercing

Photo credit: @katswanton

Photo credit: @oksana13uvarova

Photo credit: @bodyelectrictattoo

Photo credit: @bodyelectrictattoo

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