Copywriter Dresses as ‘Fearless Girl’ to Land a Job at the Ad Firm That Created It

Advertising is all about getting noticed and being memorable—similar to applying for a job. Candidates want to stand out among the other qualified people, and some have gone to great lengths to do so. One clever guy hid his resume in a free box of donuts, while another transformed himself into a LEGO MinifigJade Delaney is one of the latest to take part in this type of clever stunt. An aspiring copywriter and recent University of Gloucester grad, she covered herself in gold and arrived at the Bristol branch of McCann Worldgroup dressed as the advertising network’s most memorable campaign— the Fearless Girl.

Delaney’s costume is a perfect fit for her determination and enthusiasm. “Today, I will be arriving outside McCann adorned in gold,” she told their managing director Andy Reid in a LinkedIn message. “Advertising, meet the #FearlessGirlBristol.” Not shy about what she wanted—or what she had to offer—she continued, “I’m advertising myself as a determined young creative looking for a placement. Know the power of women in advertising. I can make a difference.”

Delaney made good on her promise and showed up striking the now-iconic pose. The performance, along with a great portfolio, impressed Reid and the group creative director Jon Elsom. “We are lucky enough to be inundated with the CVs of graduates who are looking to take their first step on the career ladder,” Reid explained. “Jade has been brave enough to stand out from the crowd, which is a fantastic trait for anyone starting a career in advertising.”

The risk that Delaney took paid off. After dressing as the Fearless Girl, she was offered a month-long placement with McCann Bristol; essentially, it’s a trial run to see how she performs in their creative department. “It’s fantastic to be offered a placement at McCann Bristol,” Delaney said afterward, “and hopefully I’ve also helped to highlight the power of young women in advertising.”

Recent grad and aspiring copywriter Jade Delaney transformed herself into a form of unique advertising by dressing up as the Fearless Girl statue.

She showed up at the Bristol offices of McCann Worldwide, the group responsible for it. And her stunt worked. She got the job! Delaney: The Dots
h/t: [Ad Week]

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