Cosmic “Drip” Mugs Hand-Crafted with Trickling Swirls of Paint

For some folks, the first sip of their morning coffee is a vital part of their day. Before that, the world only exists in a sleepy haze. To celebrate this necessary and coveted routine, why not have an equally special mug to match? Ox & Otter clay pottery hand-crafts cosmic-inspired cups that are adorned with brilliant swirls of blues, magenta, oranges, and turquoise.

Ceramicist Shiyana Mahendra is the woman behind the Ox & Otter brand. Each of her pieces is one of a kind, with some of her most popular coffee mugs and beer steins embossed with a stylized crescent moon. Coupled with their drippy application of glaze, Mahendra’s clay pottery is reminiscent of gazing into the splendorous Milky Way. Now, an ordinary earth drink seems out of this world when it’s in one of her vessels.

Mahendra’s creations are so popular she can hardly keep up with the demand. Follow the Ox & Otter Instagram to see when she’s updating her shop next.

Ox & Otter creates hand-crafted galaxy pottery with swirling patterns—it’s like you’re sipping from the stars.

Galaxy Pottery
Clay Pottery Making
Galaxy Pottery
Clay Pottery
Clay Pottery
Galaxy Pottery
Galaxy Pottery
Galaxy Pottery
Galaxy Pottery
Clay Pottery
Clay Pottery Making

Ox & Otter: Website | Instagram
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All images via Ox & Otter.

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